Al Juhnke
Phone: (320) 894-7088

Al Juhnke has been the Executive Director of the Nebraska Pork Producers Association since January 2016. In this role, he serves as the organization’s chief executive officer, spokesperson, and oversees all administrative and management needs. Al’s favorite pork dish is BBQ’ d bone-in country style pork ribs!

Dee Petersen
Phone: (531) 500-2763

Dee Petersen has been the Finance Director and Office Manager since 2009. She provides administrative support and oversees communication for NPPA. Dee also plans, directs, and coordinates human resource management activities and maintains functions. Dee’s favorite pork dish is bacon!

Jane Stone
Phone: (402) 525-1525

Jane Stone has been the Director of Domestic Marketing at the Nebraska Pork Producers Association since May 1990. She is responsible for promoting all things pork in the areas of Health Care, Retail, Foodservice, Media and Consumer Information/Education. Her favorite pork dish is grilled pork tenderloin!

Steve Hoefer
Phone: (531) 500-3505

Steve Hoefer is the Allied and Producers Services Director. Steve manages Allied Industry memberships, events, and meetings, as well as soliciting new members. He will also be working with the National Pork Producer Council (NPPC) in managing the Strategic Investment Program (SIP), maintaining producer investor relationships, and the recruitment of new members. His favorite pork dish is grilled pork loin!

Sophia Lentfer
Phone: (531) 500-3423

Sophia Lentfer is the Education Director at Nebraska Pork Producers Association. She will work closely with elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education providers, 4-H and FFA leaders to connect them to the pork industry. Her favorite pork dish is grilled pork chops!