Pig Mania Teacher’s Guide


This packet is targeted for students in grades 4-6. It includes a variety of information and worksheets for students. See the description below for more details!

This teacher’s guide brought to you free of charge, courtesy of the checkoff contribution provided by Nebraska’s pig farmers.

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This packet is targeted at the grades 4-6. It includes 8 pages of swine industry information and worksheets for students. Answer sheets are included. The pages included a background information on swine, swine vocabulary terms, a T/F test your trivia of knowledge page, a math related to pigs page, an information page about the food chain of pork production, a 10 Q. pork I.Q. quiz, a production to consumption graphic organizer worksheet, a nutrition pork promotion information page and a by-products of pigs worksheet. The packet also explains lesson plans by the Nebraska State Standards, objectives to learn, materials to use, an activity to do and extension to do.