Voluntary Herd Plan Rebate Program Form

The NPPA Board of Directors have earmarked $10,000 to reimburse Nebraska producers who voluntarily initiate a herd plan with their veterinarian prior to a Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv) outbreak or positive test. Five thousand dollars is immediately available and an additional five thousand dollars will be awarded in 2015.

Click here to retrieve your rebate program form:

3-D Porcine Myology

The Porcine Myology website includes 3-D rotation, 3-D muscle ID, skeleton, cross sections, lateral views, muscle profiling database, bone descriptions, and hot new pork cuts.
Research has recently been conducted to profile the physical and chemical characteristics of pork muscles to better realize their value. This information aids the processor in development and preparation of new products based on the inherent properties of each muscle. The Porcine Myology Website has been made available by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the National Pork Board.