Pork Fires Up the Flavor with Char-Broil

Char-BroilPork is a grill’s best friend, and this juicy little secret is getting out as the Char-Broil® Infrared Tour kicks off its 2011 tour.

“Pork and Char-Broil are the perfect partners during grilling season, and the pork samples we give out while on tour are always a hit with consumers,” says Courtney Warren, a spokesperson for Char-Broil’s Mobile Marketing Tour.

During the 33-week long tour, which runs from April 11 to November 27, the Char-Broil Infrared Tour will be stopping at cities throughout the South, Midwest and Northeast. The tour also reaches millions of consumers at large-scale festivals across the United States, including barbecue events, NASCAR races, state fairs, and collegiate and professional sporting events.
“We focus on the juicy results that you can get from grilling pork on our Infrared grills, and we showcase the number of ways that pork can be prepared,” says Warren, who notes that the Char-Broil crew samples pork loins and boneless chops during the tour. They also encourage consumers to visit the Pork Checkoff’s PorkBeInspired.com site to find plenty of delicious pork recipes, along with great grilling tips.

“With Pork’s new brand campaign, we will certainly be messaging the new Pork® Be inspired identity,” Warren adds.

Grilled pork satisfies an array of appetites
The 2011 Infrared Tour builds on the success of earlier pork promotions with Char-Broil, says Traci Rodemeyer, director of pork information for the Pork Checkoff, who noted that America’s Pork Producers have worked with the grilling company for a variety of promotional events over the past few years.

Pork samplingThough the Checkoff’s investment in the current tour is minimal, the impact is big, adds Rodemeyer, who notes that the Pork Checkoff works with Kroger supermarkets to secure competitive prices on the pork loins being grilled and sampled. “Not only is the Pork logo featured prominently during the tour on shirts, signage, advertisements and more, but thousands of consumers get to experience the unforgettable flavor of perfectly grilled pork.”

Char-Broil looks forward to working with the Pork Checkoff on future promotions that showcase pork’s versatility, Warren says. “We have a great relationship with the Pork Checkoff, and we hope it will continue for many years to come.”