Nebraska Pork Producers Association is soliciting research proposals for 2022

The following categories are the 2022 Nebraska Research Committee priorities.

1. Explore why PRRS appears to be more prevalent in the summer months in Nebraska. What specific factors may be contributing to these outbreaks?

2. Examine the effects of swine manure applied to Nebraska soils. Possible examples:

A. Compare corn and soybean grain yields as influenced by nutrient source: swine manure (deep pit barns) vs commercial fertilizer.
B. Determine effects of swine manure on soil nutrient levels.
C. Determine effects of swine manure on soil health properties.
D. Determine effects of swine manure on soil physical properties.

3. Economically, what is the value of swine manure? Quantify the economic return for different swine manure management systems and develop a producer friendly platform.

Although these are the Nebraska Pork Producers Association’s funding priorities, the Nebraska Pork Producers Association’s Research Committee will entertain other proposals if no satisfactory priority proposals are received. Preference may be given to proposals with matching dollars in place.

If you have questions on Nebraska Pork Board 2022 Research Priorities:
  • Contact Al Juhnke or Dee Petersen at the Nebraska Pork Producers Association.
    o E-mail: or
    o Phone: Al’s cell (320) 894-7088 or Dee (531)-500-2763
Other information pertaining to Nebraska Pork Producers Association 2022 research projects:
  • Available funding is limited at $85,000 for all projects. Projects limited to two-years in length are preferred. Extension of a project beyond the two-year mark are required in writing.
  • Proposals are to be submitted through the application website by 5 p.m. CST on May 10, 2022.
  • Project selections will be completed in June 2022 by the Nebraska Pork Producers Association’s Research Committee.
  • Notification of grant awards will be made in July.

When the proposal is submitted, it will go to the National Pork Board for review by technical advisors and pork producers. Nebraska Pork Producers Association’s Research Committee members will select projects that are one/two-year in length.

The projects will be evaluated using the following criteria:
1. The National Pork Board grading of the project.
2. The relevancy to the Nebraska pork industry.
3. The length of time before the results of a project can be used by pork producers.

Approved proposal payments will be administrated through the National Pork Board.
  • Contact Bev Everitt at the National Pork Board at or (515) 223-2750.


Click here for the instructions and format for the RFP.

All research proposals to be considered by Nebraska Pork Producers Association must be submitted to National Pork Board through its application website. Click here to submit your proposal. You must first create an account before you can submit a proposal and instructions are on the website to create your account.

If you have created your account and started on your application, please click here to use this website. 

The deadline to submit proposals is 5 p.m. CST on May 10, 2022.