Nebraska family “Digs the Pig”

By the Oswald family, a Nebraska farm family

We’re a Nebraska farm family and proud of it.  More than that, we’re a Nebraska pork producing family and proud of it.  We’ve been raising hogs as long as I can remember and if you ask Dad he’ll say the same thing.  The question is why?  It’s a valid question.  The last 10 years haven’t been real friendly to the swine industry.  Throw in some long hours and tough working conditions and you might even catch us asking the same question.  Call us crazy, call us stubborn, or even call us stupid – we’ve heard it all.  The question remains – why are we pork producers?  It’s pretty simple I guess – We Dig The Pig

We dig the pig because it’s our way of life.  Some of my fondest memories as a child are of trips to Grand Island for the Nebraska Pork Producers convention or the annual 81-91 Pork Producers banquet.  Just mention the phrase “Madison County Fair” and I’ll fill your ear with hours of tales about ribbons, trophies, and carcass contests.  (No embellishment of course…)  Let’s not forget about the kitchen table either.  Breakfast – bacon.  Lunch – a bacon sandwich.  Dinner – more bacon.  The experts say I should have died 30 years ago.  (Please don’t sue me producers of Grumpy Old Men)  In all seriousness, pork is a staple of our diets and Mom does a great job whether it be a Sunday ham or Wednesday roast.  She’s even got us kids cooking on our own.  Whether it’s “Bachelor chops” or baby back ribs we’ve got all dinner needs covered.   

Most of us kids are out of the house now, living life away from the family farm.  Even though our paths have taken us off to college and into the world, our roots remain at home.  I guess you can take the kid off the farm, but you’ll never take the farm out of the kid.  Time will only tell if we make it back to continue the legacy of the family farm.  Time will only tell if our kids will ever show hogs at the Madison County Fair.  Time will only tell if the bacon diet will continue.  The future itself only knows the secrets it holds, but there’s one nail on which I’ll hang my hat.  My family, Our family, a Nebraska pork producing family…will always Dig the Pig.   

2010 Christmas Photo of the Oswald Family. beginning at the left and going clockwise: Jon, Ruth, Merlin, Erin, Lori and Ann