Executive Committee


Jared Lierman – President
Jared Lierman lives in Beemer, NE with his wife and two sons. He is the 3rd generation farmer and owner of 3L farms where they have a nursery to feeder operation. His hobby is playing softball. Jared’s favorite pork dish is pork steak!






Mark Wright – President Elect
Mark Wright lives in Fremont, NE with his wife and daughter. He is the Animal Handling and Welfare Coordinator/Assistant Manager at Wiechman Pig Co. His 30 year service to the industry started in 1989 when he went to work for Wiechman Pig Co. He likes to spend his free time golfing and attending different church activities.  Mark’s favorite pork dish is anything with bacon! 





Connor Livingston – Vice President
Connor Livingston lives in Fairbury, NE. He is the director of sites and mill operations for Livingston Enterprise. His hobbies include hunting, off-roading, rock crawling, and anything outdoors. Connor’s favorite pork dish is smoked pork loin! 






Shana Beattie –  Past President
Shana Beattie lives in Sumner, NE with her husband and has four children. Shana’s family raises cattle and pigs and farm corn, soybeans, and alfalfa. Her hobbies include gardening, cooking, baking, and volunteering with the youth in her 4-H and FFA communities. Shana’s favorite pork dish is sweet and sour pork chops! 







Board of Directors