Be Inspired with Lasagna

Contribued by: Lukas Fricke

 Inspiration is something that comes to those who look for it. Reading this blog post, I can see you are really looking for a new twist on an Old Italian favorite. Though July 29th, National Lasagna Day, has come and gone; the ability to create a long lasting impression through pork remains. Below are some of the best takes on Italian favorites made with pork. And you are in luck, it’s National Pork Month, so a perfect time to give these recipes a try.


For those that are looking for pork lasagna that has a fresh garden taste check out this gem from the Food Network.

Butternut Squash and Pork Lasagna









Many people today help support both sides of the meat counter. This AllRecipes take on a pork and beef lasagna is a must try for the carnivorous consumers.

Homemade Lasagna









Lastly, this instant inspirational pork lasagna paired with one of pork’s many favorite spices, Rosemary! Coming all the way from the U.K. this BBC Good Food entrée is sure to become an instant favorite on your table!

Pork and Rosemary Lasagna









I hope you try at least one of these flavorful recipes, using the wonderfully protein packed product of pork! Check back here for great recipes, pork farming insights, and get answers to your questions about pigs and all things pork!