Mission Statement:
To provide continuous genetic improvement to cover the world’s porcine protein needs using the fewest possible resources.

We partner with our customers to grow and sustain the most profitable, highest quality pork that meets global consumer demands.

What is unique about your company:
We are a unique team of scientists, specialists, farmers, customers, and partners located throughout the world united in our vision to create progress in pigs, every day.

Topigs Norsvin is a producer-owned swine genetics company that operates in 55 countries (including all of the USA) with a focus on improving product performance for our customers and creating added value throughout the pork production chain. Farmer satisfaction is the primary driver behind the design and continual improvement of our breeding program. We are committed to doubling genetic progress at the commercial level.

A few key aspects of our breeding program include: balanced breeding techniques; an extensive exterior evaluation scoring system; emphasis on total feed efficiency; computed tomography (CT) scanning to record difficult-to-measure traits on selection candidates; the use of combined crossbred and purebred data to facilitate genetic selection; and single-step genomic evaluation to compute genomic estimated breeding values.

The added value created by these efforts is delivered to our customers in every boar, gilt and tube of semen that we sell. This level of commitment underlines Topigs Norsvin’s position as The World’s Most Innovative Genetics Company.

Most notable accomplishment for your Company:
Balanced Breeding – The Topigs Norsvin selection program has been designed to ensure that as total born increases, the number of weaned piglets increases at the same rate, thus decreasing pre-weaning mortality. In 2017, TN70 gilts averaged 15.7 functional teats and 62.0% of TN70 gilts had 16 or more teats. Piglet uniformity, piglet quality, and mothering ability provide the foundation for our high-producing, easy to manage female. Tired of working 24/7? Hire the TN70.

Products/Services Offered:
Terminal boars and semen: TN Tempo, Norsvin Duroc
F1 parent gilts: TN70, the best mother in the world
Maternal semen: Norsvin Landrace, Topigs Z-line (Large White)
Internal Multiplication: Topigs Norsvin InGene program

Territory Covered/Area Served:
All of USA; 55 countries globally.

Key Contacts/Staff:
Craig Jarolimek: craig.jarolimek@topigsnorsvin.us or 701-866-4444
Randy Leete: randy.leete@topigsnorsvin.us or 712-249-0973

Company Contact Information:
Topigs Norsvin USA
12750 Nicollet Avenue South, Suite 300
Burnsville, MN 55337
Facebook: @TopigsNorsvinUSA
Twitter: @topigsnorsvinus
LinkedIn: Topigs Norsvin USA

Anything else you’d like Nebraska Pork Producers to know about your company:
Topigs Norsvin recently made a substantial investment in the North American market through the construction of Delta Canada. Delta Canada is a state-of-the-art boar off-test station where extensive data collection on growth, feed conversion, carcass quality, and conformation is recorded on each of 7,500 boars tested per year. Medical grade CT scanning technology is used to record phenotypic data on carcass traits otherwise impossible to record on live selection candidates.

The $12 million investment in Delta Canada is one example of Topigs Norsvin’s commitment to being the most innovative genetics company in the world – supported by an R&D budget of over $24 million per year and 28 PhD scientists.


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