State Policy

Workforce Development – Support programs and facilities which provide specialized workforce training and development of workers needed in the swine industry and Nebraska agriculture in general, including community college programs and the Lincoln Agriculture High School proposal.

Livestock and Rural Economic Development – Encourage livestock facility development and value-added processing growth in rural areas of Nebraska helping to increase the tax base and economic activity of our local communities.

Siting Matrix Promotion – Support the Nebraska Animal Feeding Operation Siting Matrix and encourage its adaption by counties as well as use by producers.

NDA Budget/Promote Certified Pork from Nebraska – Support current funding levels of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture general fund budget in the areas of animal health, trade promotion, and Nebraska Certified Pork Program development.

Property Tax – Support proposals and policies that provide significant relief and reform of Nebraska’s property tax system as it pertains to agriculture properties.

Research Funding for Land Grant Universities – Support strong agriculture research programs and funding for basic research at our land grant university and for applied research by our university extension service.

Beginning Farmer Program – Support a review of the current Nebraska Beginning Farmer Program and evaluate its effectiveness as it relates to swine production.

Broadband – Support initiatives that bring affordable high-speed internet access to all parts of Nebraska, including areas where swine production facilities are located.

Sales Tax Exemptions – Continue to support sales tax exemptions on farm equipment that is used for the health and welfare of animals (including fans, curtains and climate control equipment within livestock buildings).


Presidential Appointments – Encourage the current administration to as quickly as possible fill open cabinet, agency and state department positions, particularly in those areas that Nebraska pork producers rely on for guidance, promotion, and oversite of their industry (EPA, USDA, FDA, Trade, etc.).

Immigration – Support access to a legal immigrant workforce through a streamlined year-round visa application process and a “common sense” path to citizenship for those workers already here in our country. Support VISA reform pertaining to full-time ag workers.

Trade – Support free trade agreements that eliminate tariff and non-tariff barriers on U.S. pork shipments that result in additional exports and an increase in domestic jobs. Seek ratification for the USMCA trade agreement. Encourage immediate action on bi-lateral trade agreements which open markets for our pork products.

Transportation and Infrastructure Funding – Support additional resources to expand 10-ton roads and bridges in our farm-to-market transportation system and encourage universal broadband development policies for our farms and rural communities.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) – Change US DOT Hours of Service rules, to allow that on duty driver/operator time should not be calculated for livestock haulers who remain in their truck during loading and unloading, and the 14 hour “on duty” ELD clock should be paused.

State Laws and Ballot Initiatives – Support ‘No regulation without representation’ statutes and rules as it pertains to interstate commerce and ag products.

Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) – Support 5 full years of funding for the FMD vaccine bank development (year 1 funding authorized in the recent farm bill).

Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) Regionalization – Support policies that regionalize livestock farms in the event of a FAD outbreak and promote continued commerce.

Swine Feed Holding Times – Require USDA-ARS to evaluate swine foreign animal disease virus viability in pig feed or feedstuffs and develop feed holding time information as it relates to transport and storage to assist in disease prevention.

For additional information contact: Al Juhnke, Executive Director, (320) 894-7088