Pork Board Head Shots 2015 (24 of 27)

Tim Chancellor – President
Tim Chancellor of Broken Bow, Nebraska is the wean/finish supervisor for Thomas Livestock Company. He has been with TLC since 1993 and also owns finishing facilities along with his wife and three children. He enjoys the day to day engagement, challenges and rewards that come with the business.



John Csukker –  President Elect
John Csukker is an Environmental Service Manager for Maschhoff, LLC with nearly 25 years’ experience in providing the Nebraska Livestock Industry expertise in environmental permitting and compliance. John is currently responsible for the environmental aspects of The Maschhoffs’ company-owned farms as well as independent pork Production Partners in Nebraska and South Dakota. John prepares farm-specific nutrient management plans as well as providing calculations using manure as a fertilizer source for landowners. John also designs lagoons, holding ponds and other manure storages.


Pork Board Head Shots 2015 (10 of 27)Darin Uhlir – Past President
Darin Uhlir of St. Paul, Nebraska has worked in the pork industry since 1990. In 1997, he became a Business Leader with Progressive Swine Technology (PST). Today PST is known as Pillen Family Farms. Darin is also an active member of several hunting/conservation organizations. Darin, his wife and three children enjoy showing livestock and spending quality time together.




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